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Save Lives. Fund Spay/Neuter.

By you, For you, With you.


Your Loyal Donation Saves Pet Lives

Do you know what supporting Pet Savers high volume spay/neuter means? It means quality, affordable, spay, neuter, and vaccine services 5 to 6 days a week for needy pet owners and community cat wranglers in our region. It means passionate, loving, and committed staff providing care for your fur babies. It means that our non-profit services are positively impacted by your giving. It means that on occasion when emergencies arise, we are able to provide additional services as noted in a customer comment below.

Do you know what it does not mean? It does not mean that quality is compromised due to high volume. It does not mean that the love and care your pet will recieve is any less than any other vet clinic. It does not mean that safety, cleanliness, and staff qualifications are diminished.

Thanks to you, Pet Savers has surpassed 80,000 surgeries since 2005, and the need is greater than ever. We can't do it without you and you are making a difference through your monthly support.

Here are a few happy Pet Savers customer comments.

"They are a non-profit organization so any money you give them goes straight to our beloved animals. The staff are very warm, kind-hearted people that genuinely care about the well-being of your animals. I took my cats in to get spayed and neutered and not only did they do an efficient job, but they saved me money wherever they could. Highly recommend Pet Savers!!!" ~ Justin Kadmiri - Google Review

"I have gotten all my pets spayed or neutered here along with their shots! The staff is all about the animals, they are amazing at their jobs and it is so affordable it is amazing! I couldnt even tell my girl puppy was fixed they did such a good job, after she healed all that was left was a tattoo!" ~ Genevera Pellow - Google Review

"Wonderful, caring and compassionate veterinary practice that has given my girl Katie nothing but exceptional care and treatment when she had to get her toe amputated due to an infection. Dr. Tami did a phenomenal job on her foot and she healed up quickly in no time! The friendly and helpful staff went up and beyond in their duties with her follow up visits to make sure she was on the mend quickly. If I could give this review 10 stars I would. When I’m blessed with another furry friend, I will not hesitate to return here!" ~ Mark Landowski - Google Review

Spaying, neutering, and vaccination:

  • Reduces risk of several types of cancer by 85%
  • Increases life span 3-5 years
  • Reduces aggression and roaming
  • Reduces spraying and marking
  • Decreases over-population therefore saving lives (kittens can get pregnant at 4 months old, and can have 2 to 3 litters per year)
  • Elevates ownership joy and supports life-long companionship