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Support The Big Fix to Fix Overpopulation in The Inland Northwest

Help Pet Savers reach 25,000 surgeries per year!

$10,030 raised

$250,000 goal


Fix Pet Overpopulation with The Big Fix

Pet Savers’ vision is to eliminate euthanization and voluntary pet surrenders through prevention of disease, unwanted behaviors, and litters. To accomplish this, they envision a clinic space with the capacity and funding to meet every spay, neuter, and vaccination need regardless of socio-economic barriers that exists in their service area. This clinic will serve as a welcoming space that more than doubles Pet Savers’ current capacity and provides a separate vaccination clinic and education space, allowing them to more professionally, efficiently, and aggressively educate and serve the community.


  • A larger clinic allowing for additional staff, operational space, and higher volumes
  • Increased volume of clients served, the majority of which are underserved
  • Increase from 9,000 surgeries a year to 25,000
  • Independent vaccination clinic offered more than one day a week (currently average 50 pets/clinic)
  • Increased community outreach/education on the need and health benefit of altering and vaccinating pets
  • Be the largest provider of low-cost spays, neuters, and vaccinations for the public, shelters, and clinics in the region
  • Grow into mobile unit(s) that can provide more convenient locations for our services in the community
  • Host education events that increase awareness and showcase the benefits of a high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic in our region
  • Drive regional awareness, thereby increasing philanthropic support and donorship to help us achieve our mission